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V2 Safemoon Reflections and Burn Calculator

Please enter values for v2 Safemoon.

SEC has Charged Safemoon Team with fraud Nov 1, 2023

The SEC has charged Kyle Nagy, creator of Safemoon, Charles Karony, CEO and Thomas Smith, CTO with Fraud. Details

Post Burn Summary

Daily Reflections:

Monthly Reflections:

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Total Value

Based on the values entered above, and not factoring in any changes in price, quantity owned or daily volume when the burn stops. Actual results will vary since price and volume will change daily. This is not financial advice. Results are provided for entertainment purposes only. Never invest more than you are willing to lose.


Enter values in the above fields to calculate how long until the burn stops, how many safemoon you will have and the annual USD value of your reflections. Clicking a field will open a modal with a text field and Buttons you may click to quickly enter popular amounts. You can update the field amount after clicking a button to get custom entries. You may also select one of the popular coins to pre-load the 30-day average daily volume and market cap for that coin. The burn wallet balance is as of 0:00 UTC each day.

This page uses the following formula (see 5/9/2023 update below):
Reflections = (Volume x .0025) * (Qty of Safemoon Owned / circulating supply)

Watch the YouTube Video Explanation by MoonMark.  Learn more about SafeMoon.

* Days to Burn stop and Estimated Total SFM Owned are based on the daily volume and market cap staying the same every day. However, in the real world, volume and market cap will fluctuate day to day. Currently (August, 2021) not all exchanges contribute to the global burn and reflections. These calculations do not take this into account and actual reflections and burn contribution will vary.

Updated 5/9/2023

Safemoon is changing the tokenomics structure. They are reducing the buy/sell tax from 10% to 1% - as a result the reflections will be reduced from 4% to 0.25%. The calculator has been updated, although the date for this change has not yet been announced.

Updated 10/4/2021

This update changed the selection on the consolidation option to "yes" or "no" since it was announced yesterday that the consoldiation ratio will be 1000:1. If you select "Yes" it will show both v1 and v2 results. Selecting No only shows the v1 results. When entering your quantity and the burn stop quantity please enter these in the current v1 values.

Not finanacial advice. This page is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only. This page is not endorsed nor maintained by SafeMoon.

Updated 9/27/2021

This update allows you to select a V2 consolidation ratio to see how it impacts your holdings. Consolidaiton (in theory) only reduces the circulating supply and increases the price. Your reflections and USD Total value remain the same. When entering your total Safemoon and Burn Stop quantities be sure to use the current V1 values!